TeachWv Grow Your Own

Greenbrier County Schools is a proud participant in West Virginia's "Grow Your Own" initiative to address the state's criticial teacher shortage. The TeachWV Grow Your Own Pathway gives promising high school students a fast track into the education field through a combination of dual enrollment/Advanced Placement courses and an accelerated pathway. Students in the program can graduate with a bachelor's degree in just three years. High School counselors and partnering institution faculty advisors will assist with scheduling, financial aid, testing requirements, etc. to enroll in the teaching pathway. Greenbrier County Schools has partnered with Marshall University.  The goal is for students to graduate high school with a minimum of 30 hours of dual enrollment/AP credits, including the four introductory education courses. Participants will enter college classified as a sophomore. During their junior and senior years of high school, students will have the opportunity to spend time in real-time classrooms in their home county schools.

For more information contact Greenbrier East High School or check out the West Virginia Department of Education's informational site:

Grow Your Own Pathway (teachwv.com)