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Countrymen has installed some drive-up, free wi-fi at a few parking lots within our service area. These areas are:

• The State Fairgrounds in Fairlea- the paved parking lot near the tunnel
• Alumni Park parking lot in Alderson
• Williamsburg Volunteer Fire Dept parking lot (operational by mid-morning Friday)

The services will be available from 8am to 7pm.

In order to keep the drive-up service available, we all need to follow the state’s guidelines for social distancing. Please stay in your vehicles. Turn the vehicle in the direction of the wi-fi device in order to allow better signal. The service will turn off promptly at 7pm. This step was taken to ensure there wouldn’t be any reason for loitering in the parking lot after dark. If we have people remaining in the lots after dark, then we have added extra work to the police officers in the areas an