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SchoolMessenger Notification System Information

Keeping GCS families informed

Greenbrier County Schools uses the SchoolMessenger notification service to send important announcements to families through phone calls, emails, and text messages.

SchoolMessenger announcements may come from the district office or the student's school.  They are often attendance notifications or reminders, such as when report cards are going out, or new information parents may need, such as a change in the school schedule.  Most importantly, emergency calls are made through the notification system.

Contact information from the Basic Student Enrollment form that parents /guardians must file each year is entered into WVEIS, the district's student information system.  Once a day, new information from that system is uploaded into the SchoolMessenger's secure and confidential system. Therefore, it is imperative that the phone number and email address entered on the Basic Student Enrollment form is correct.  If that information is changed at any time during the year, the school office must be notified of the updated information.

Opt-In For Text MessageS 

GCS parents who have an SMS capable phone number on file with their child's school may OPT-IN to receive SchoolMessenger text alerts for school closings & delays, emergency notifications, and other important school announcements.  As some families incur fees related to text messaging, we do our best to generate text messages for matters of high importance only. 

Staff members that have provided an SMS capable phone number to the school as their primary contact number can also OPT-IN to receive text messages. Staff contact information is sent to the district by each school for upload to SchoolMessenger.  Please be sure to notify the school secretary of any changes to your cell/contact number or email address.

  • To opt-in, text YES to shortcode 67587. 
  • To opt-out at any time, text STOP to 67587.
  • Please check with your wireless carrier for information about your mobile service plan and any possible charges related to text messaging. GCS does not reimburse for any charges associated with receiving text messages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive multiple calls if I have more than one student at a school?

The system marks duplicates, so parents with more than one student will not get duplicate calls.  

What if I miss a call?

If an answering machine answers the telephone, the system will leave a message.  Please also check your email for a copy of the message.  

I do not have a child in the school system but receive calls. How do I get removed from the calling list?

I did not answer the call when it came in, and I did not hear a voicemail message.  What happened?

We have encountered instances where your voice mail greeting is beginning with "Hello," which may confuse the messenger system thinking that it has reached a live individual. When this happens, if your voice mail greeting is longer than the message, then the messenger system will recognize that it has played back the full message and will not leave the message on your voice mail. If you also use a music service that plays a song before the call ringing on your phone, this can create the same issue.

I “Opted-In,” but I’m not receiving texts?

  • Ensure that the school has your correct device number in the database. It may take 24 hours for a number to become active after being changed or added to the district’s system.
  • Send a text with “YES” from that specific device to 67587. You should receive an opt-in confirmation message from the service. If prompted by a confirmation text message, respond to confirm that you wish to receive text messages.
  • The school or district may have not yet sent a SchoolMessenger Communicate broadcast via SMS text message to your mobile phone number.

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