Superintendent's Message

6 months ago

Jeffrey A. Bryant, Superintendent

Greenbrier County Schools



Dear GCS Families & Staff:

On behalf of Greenbrier County Schools, I extend my heartfelt sympathy to all of the students, staff and families across our county who were impacted by the devastating floods of June 23rd.   Amazingly, our White Sulphur Springs Elementary and Rainelle Elementary facilities were unharmed.  However, three of our thirteen schools were impacted in varying degrees.

  • Rupert Elementary sustained significant damage to several areas of the school.  Our team is working diligently to ensure that the necessary repairs, modifications, and abatement work is completed in time for student occupancy on August 22nd.  
  • Alderson Elementary took on water in its furnace room which has been cleaned and abated.
  • The road from Route 60 leading to Greenbrier West High was significantly damaged and is awaiting repair by the WV Division of Highways.  The paved road from the school gate to the facility was also seriously damaged.  The pavement and sub-base have been replaced.  Also completed are repairs to the parking lot, sewer line, and areas eroded by flood water.  Repairs to the school’s track and wrestling facility will get underway in the coming weeks. 

We were very pleased to open our doors on July 5th to offer summer feeding and Energy Express programming at all scheduled school locations, including Rupert and Alderson.  These important summer nutrition and academic services for students will run through August 5th

Our staff understands that many children of our county have been traumatized or impacted by this event, either directly or indirectly.  Recognizing that this can impact learning, behavior, and relationships at school, we have modified our opening staff development agenda to include trauma sensitivity training.  In addition, our school counselors and nurses, along with staff in our school-based support services (Communities In Schools, Rainelle Medical Center, and Seneca Health Services), will be available to provide additional care.   

I have been deeply moved and humbled by the actions of those who live in this compassionate community that we proudly call home.  Words cannot express the depth of my admiration for all who have come to the aid of our neighbors in this challenging time. 

 Please know that our school system stands ready to provide a safe and welcoming educational environment when we welcome our students and families back to school.  The first day for students in grades 1 – 12 is August 22.  Kindergarten students begin on August 29 and the first day for Pre-K students is September 1.  We look forward to welcoming you!



Jeff Bryant


  • GCS Vision, Mission & Beliefs
    Transforming Lives Through Educational Excellence

    Greenbrier County Schools is committed to providing a safe, engaging and dynamic educational environment that produces self-directed learners and empowers citizens of all ages to trust in, invest in, and benefit from public education.
    All children deserve love and respect.

    Every child has unique talents and skills.
    Families should be treated as valued and respected partners.

    Every person in Greenbrier County Schools contributes to student success.

    It is our responsibility to help all students maximize their academic potential.

    Learning occurs all the time. It is more than a formal process.
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GCS District Administrator's Contact Info

3 months ago


Greenbrier County Schools

197 Chestnut Street

Lewisburg, WV  24901



Jeffrey A. Bryant / 304-647-6456


Associate Superintendent for Curriculum/Instruction/Student Services

Nancy Hanna - / 304-647-6470


Associate Superintendent for Non-Instructional Programs & Director of Human Resources

Douglas E. Clemons - / 304-647-6470


Chief School Business Official  

David McClure - / 304-647-6460


Director of Secondary Education / CTE/ Student Affairs / Safe Schools

Deborah White - / 304-647-6470


Director of Elementary Education 

Lynne Bostic - / 304-647-6486


Director of Technology / Assessments

Vicky Cline - / 304-647-6484


Attendance Director / Homeless Liaison

Patti Burdette - / 304-647-6466


Director of Transportation

George Brooks - / 304-647-6461


Director of Facilities & Maintenance

Steve Kirk - / 304-647-6453


Coordinator of Child Nutrition, Health & Physical Education

Jennifer Curry - / 304-647-6462


Coordinator of Health Services/ School Counselors

Paula McCoy - / 304-647-6470


Coordinator of Communications, Partnerships & Grants

Christy Clemons-Rodgers - / 304-647-6470

Technology Coordinator

Daryl Clemons - 304-647-6484

Manager of Teacher Certification & Licensure

Beverly Engle - / 304-647-6454

WVDE County School Staff Directory

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